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Classic Game Room HD CHARGE ‘N BLAST for Sega Dreamcast review

Classic Game Room HD reviews CHARGE ‘N BLAST for Sega Dreamcast from 2000! Aliens, meteors and insects oh my! Its your job to charge and blast them with immobile suites that move left and right. This CGR review of Charge N Blast for Sega Dreamcast has gameplay from this science fiction arcade shooter which has some very unique gameplay and bizarre enemies. Waste lizard men, Godzilla-knockoff monster and hordes of meteor bugs with three characters (theres unlockable characters when you beat each difficulty level). Play one or two players on screen at the same time. The challenging part of Charge N Blast is mastering a very odd control scheme where you move left and right, charge and blast. It sounds simple but gets increasingly more difficulty as the game progresses. Charge N Blast has some serious cheesy, campy sci-fi charm and is so bad at times its good. Dialog is awful, animations are terrible but the lizard people are awesome! Each character in the game has a little description of their personality in the instruction manual which is ever so helpful when charging and blasting aliens monsters for reasons unknown. This game was released for the Sega Dreamcast video game console in 2000 and is easy to find and collect today. The biggest flaw in the game is a lack of aim inversion when shooting.

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