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Checking Out The First Story Mission in MARVEL’S AVENGERS

Checking out the first mission in Marvel’s Avengers (PS4 BETA)

Gotta say I was rather hyped for this, though had my reservations, based largely on my experience with other games that the new Marvel Avengers game bears striking similarities to, such as Destiny or The Division.

And now… yeah I’m a fuck ton more hyped now. There’s just a couple remaining unanswered until full launch …

Largely in the form of does the story satisfy me enough to warrant the rest of the game which seems evident could turn into a large grind just like all the other games as a service games like this.

and how substantial will the endgame (no pun intended) be.

THAT SAID…. the actual gameplay itself is so god damn satisfying, after the introduction, there’s also numerous upgrades for each character which I firmly believe will increase this game’s replayability, which, along with a strong storyline, would be the two aspects that this game’s success hinges on.

Whether these features feel like a natural progression system or a forced grind that’s being hidden behind a veil of sorts in the beta remains to be seen.

Enough cinematic narrative to satisfy casual players of this genre, and with a sophisticated enough gear system that has learned from the shortcomings of its predecessors.

I’m still casually ignoring the whole spider-man exclusivity thing. I’ve mentioned before and I’ll mention it again. It’s a bit of a dick move by Sony … I’m saying that even as a PS4 player. … but aaah what can ye do ho hum.

Either way this footage contains no spider-man and the core game itself doesn’t feel like it needs him, I’ll definitely wanna get my hands on that addition to the ps4 edition but I’d say don’t let the spider-man news deter u necessarily from checking out the game yourself, particularly if you’re a fan of Marvel comics or movies in generals.

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