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This is the first automatic escape room for cats! Its made out of cardboard, wood, magnets, string and other smaller parts. The entire escape room consists of four small rooms, each with it’s own puzzle. The cat needs to solve the puzzle to open the door to the next room. The door automatically opens when the puzzle is solved. The puzzles are very simple, the cat only needs to push the button, pull the string or step on a plate. To make it easier for the cat, we decided to direct and help it with some food.

We designed the escape room to be cat friendly. Meaning it is very spacious, circulated with air and all mechanisms are covered and protected.

Max is the first cat that has been in this escape room. He’s a very handsome, brave and ‘hungry all the time’ cat. You can see his results in the video.

We really hope that you like our escape room for cats! We are going to upload new videos every week so don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE! We are looking forward to read your comments and would really appreciate, if you share this video with your friends and family!



– Arp Bounce (Geographer)
– Retro (Wayne Jones)
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-Puppy Love (Sting) by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (


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