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[Casual Longplay – 012] GS (Ghost Sweeper) Mikami: Joreishi wa Nice Body (SNES)

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A (probably) hidden gem for the SNES.
Timestamps below.

Gameplay (Cutscenes are timed in parenthesis):
Stage 1 – (00:22) 01:35 / Boss – (04:18) 04:34
Stage 2 – (05:41) 06:09 / Boss – 09:38
Stage 3 – (11:08) 11:36 / Boss – 13:45
Stage 4 – (16:01) 16:18 / Boss – (19:31) 20:09
Stage 5 – (22:01) 22:34 / Boss – 24:08
Stage 6 – (25:52) 26:24 / Boss – 29:40
Stage 7 – (33:20) 33:56 / Boss – (36:39) 37:27
Final Boss – (39:10) 39:57
Ending – 41:40

It’s been a while since my last casual longplay, hasn’t it?

This is just a very casual gameplay. I make a ton of mistakes because I’m working on muscle memory and I nearly get a game over at the end for my troubles, but still I had a lot of fun playing this game. It’s nice and relaxing and I plan on doing a “No Damage” of each level eventually.

I think the biggest hurdle in this game was the boss of Stage 3, that thing always gives me a ton of trouble and it’s actually surprising it didn’t kill me more times here. The boss of Stage 5 is also a pain, but mostly because the flying broom’s sluggish controls makes fighting him a chore.

* Random Rambling, personal feelings about this game:
I was introduced to this game by a friend who didn’t like it one bit. Not sure if it was because of the anime graphics or anything else, but once I played it I almost instantly took a liking to it.

The controls are very responsive and the platforming although basic is fun. The combat is also simple but just as satisfying: whack things with Mikami’s weapon and watch them fly away or explode.

The music is the high point of this game in my opinion. Kinuyo Yamashita was this game’s composer and she did work in games like Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers (which I immediately recognized since both games have a somewhat similar sound fonts).

While the first boss theme is my favorite music in this game, the one I like the least is the second boss theme, but that’s just my opinion.

Video transcription:


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