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Bulk Slash – A Sega Saturn Spotlight | The SSG

With a rockin soundtrack, a slew of neon colors, and a heavy load of Mecha tropes, Bulk Slash came at a time in the Saturn’s life cycle when many were doubting the 3D prowess of the system. Packing a blistering amount of 3D and 2D assets, the game would couple arcade score attack game play with a heavy dose of player control, all the while topped off with all the makings of a dating Sim. But like many Japanese exclusives, this title would gain little notoriety here in the west. With a growing following 20 years later, it’s past time that more people knew about this awesome title.

Welcome to the channel, I’m the Southern Sega Gentleman, and this is Bulk Slash, a Sega Saturn Spotlight.

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