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WWF WrestleMania The Arcade Game Review

First, I must say that – Bonus Pixel: WWF WrestleMania The Arcade Game is the main event in the World Wrestling Federation, held once a year. Stars are invited to this grand four-hour show, fights of incredible beauty or incredible lousiness are held – as it’s lucky, where the Undertaker has won more than once.

And under the title “WrestleMania” a bunch of games were released.
WWF WrestleMania: The Arcade Game 1995 is not a bit trying to impersonate a simulator of some kind of struggle – it’s pure arcade, which was first released on arcade machines.

Characters and features of the arcade game

So, there are eight total wrestlers available – Yokozuna, Bam Bigelow, “Hitman” Brat Hart, “Heart Break Kid” Sean Michaels, Undertaker, Lex Luger, Razor Ramon and Clown Doink. With the maximum number of fighters in the ring (4 people), the game takes on a frantic pace. And a match with two players can be dynamic and very intense.

Control, strikes, special moves, combos, cheats

A small number of fighters compensates for their sophistication and a rich arsenal of techniques. Separately, there are punch and super punch, kick and super kick buttons, block and run, which can be configured.

Both conventional kicks and kicks are used, as well as additional attacks – Sean Michaels can hit with a bat, Andertaker with a gravestone, Doink with a giant hammer or shy of electric shock. In addition, ropes and the base of the ring can be used. There is a remote attack – the Undertaker releases bats at the opponent, and Yokozuna throws salt.

Many different combos for each character, for example, playing Undertaker, you can spend Neckbreacker, Chokeslam, Tombstone Pilediver and a few more tricks.

Various grips are available. To make combos, you need to fill a special strip thanks to the usual strokes.

There is something like “fatality” when they shout “Pin Him!” Yokozuna can jump his powerful fifth point on the defeated enemy, and the Undertaker with all his strength to extinguish in the stomach. There are also masterpieces – the Undertaker shoves the enemy into the coffin and buries it.

Modes and walkthroughs

You can choose two options for passing. In the first, you fight for the Intercontinental Champion belt. For him, you need to go through four fights one on one, two – two on one, and finally one – three on one.

For a more prestigious WWF Champion belt, you need to win in two matches, two on one, two – three on one and the last – you need to fight all your opponents in a row.

There are also two multiplayer modes. The first – Head to Head – is just a one on one fight. In the second – Cooperate – you need to fight with a teammate.

Game graphics, sound and music

The graphics in the game are wonderful. The technology of digitized video is applied and therefore the animation is simply gorgeous. Sometimes you involuntarily stare at the outrage that is taking place there, marveling at the beauty of other tricks, and you don’t notice that you are already lying under the live weight of Yokozuna.

The crowd of spectators in the background looks quite thumbs up. You don’t notice the music, however, the character’s output is accompanied by his “theme”. The soldiers groan, groan, and make a variety of strange sounds, like an arcade.

At the same time, a crowd is roaring, which can support or boo you or the fighters. The nasty commentator buzzes all the time.

By the way, the comments of Jerry “King” Lawler and the head of the company Vince McMan were recorded for the game.


The game will appeal primarily to wrestling fans, and, given that fighting games, and even such a level of performance, are few, WWF Wrestlemania: The Arcade Game should appeal to everyone, as this game has a unique atmosphere and unique humor!

The game can be found and downloaded in various formats for mobile devices, PCs, and consoles running various operating systems and simulators:

  • Sega Mega Drive, CD-ROM, Genesis, Saturn, 32x;
  • Playstation (ps 1, 2, 3, 4, x);
  • Super Nintendo, Gameboy;
  • Android;
  • iOS;
  • Windows;
  • Iphone;
  • Ipad;
  • iso;
  • apk.

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