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Bike Hop (speed up and jump over hills, cows, motorcycles) Game-play (IOS , Android) MG Games

Bike Hop: Be a Crazy BMX Rider!
The best arcade game by CASUAL AZUR GAMES.
Hop as far as you can go on your bike, then go further! Bike Hop: speed up and jump over hills, cows, motorcycles, carts and more. The further your dude flies, the more points you earn!


– Speed up as fast as you can
– Learn to hop far and fast
– Train your reaction speed
– Beat records
– Tap, tap, tap!

speed up and jump over hills, cows, motorcycles, carts

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– new levels,
– stunning graphics,
– defenders and goalies
– minor bugfixes
Top Best New Free Android iOS Game
[Game Feature]
-Easy and fun game for everyone.
-Amazing level design: Easy to learn but hard to master
-Various in-game elements
-Amazing graphics
-Most optimized game for mobile devices of small app size
-offline game play supported (playable without internet connection)
-1 on 1 multiplayer supported
-16 languages supported
-leaderboard, achievement supported
Bike Jumper evolution .
-Free to play Bike Hop !
The Best Casual Game Ever …
Time for the competition!

Very Addictive game …

Video transcription:


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