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ARCADE Episode 5 : Playing all Arcade Games on our Birthday

Hi B&B fans and Sub zero’s,

Jenna really loves the arcade and we decided as a surprise to take her to the arcade and let her play all arcade games !

Enjoy the video and love ya all!!

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About us:
Welcome to our child & family friendly channel. Our family loves to play games and also to check out what is new in the wonderful world of toys, food & other goodies.
Since we live in the Netherlands we don’t always get the latest toys/games on release dates, but we try to import them as soon as possible. Our delivery guy loves us 😉

Legal Disclamer:
Sound effects obtained from
Royalty free music obtained from YouTube, Zapsplat, LumaTouch and IMovie.
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We do admit comments, but only nice one ^-^ because we are doing this for fun (and also because we have full time jobs in order for us to pay for all the games, toys, food and goodies) !!!
Enjoy your day and remember “always look on the bright side of life” ^-^

Video transcription:


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