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ADG Episode 217 – Chip ‘N Dale Rescue Rangers

No, the game does NOT have any music! Stop trying to tell me it does! :B

Today on Ancient DOS Games Gemini’s taking a look at Chip ‘N Dale Rescue Rangers: The Adventures in Nimnul’s Castle, a very short action game based on the Disney cartoon series. It was developed by Riedel Software Productions and published through Hi-Tech Expressions in 1990.


Additional Information and Corrections:

* The game doesn’t actually include any CGA graphics despite having a CGA 4-colour mode. From hacking the graphics files I was able to determine that the CGA mode simply takes the EGA graphics and converts them on the fly, substituting specific pixel colours for other pixel colours, as all of the included graphics are EGA only.

* I’ve read conflicting sources whether it’s supposed to be ‘n or ‘N in the title. Let me know if any of you have sourced any official info on this, but as it stands, I found no good evidence to suggest one or the other is correct. 😐

* I somehow managed to go this entire video without ever saying “Disney”, even though they were the ones who created Chip and Dale and subsequently the Rescue Rangers series… Oh well. 😛


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