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Access Prime – Recurse Total!

Back to Level 1. Allow’s proceed our journey in Ingress Prime!
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Invite to the globe of Ingress Prime, Agent. Sophisticated XM innovations have actually entirely changed the Ingress Scanner, as well as it is currently waiting for you to join this fight.

Discover the globe around you and also connect with areas of social importance– such as public art monoliths, installments, as well as sites– to gather important sources utilizing your Ingress Scanner.

Defend the Faction you count on. Use the power of XM to advance humanity as well as find our real fate with The Enlightened, or safeguard humankind from an aggressive requisition of the mind with The Resistance.

Control areas by producing as well as connecting sites Control Fields to accomplish triumph for your Faction.

Communicate as well as plan with fellow Agents in your area and also worldwide.

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Invite to the globe of Ingress Prime, Agent. The destiny of this cosmos and also maybe others depend on you. The exploration of Exotic Matter (XM), a source of unidentified beginning, has actually stimulated a hidden battle in between 2 Factions. Innovative XM modern technologies have actually totally changed the Ingress Scanner, and also it is currently waiting for you to join this fight.

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