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A review of Math, the wood puzzle from Pelikan

Math is good training for the brain, especially when it comes in the form of this beautiful wood puzzle from Pelikan. This review will entice you.
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Math was the first design in a series of four puzzles with a mathematics theme, and is the second to be released by Jakub and his team. Next to Addition, released earlier, the other designs are Binary 7 and Hayes. Both the Addition and Math puzzles are only 5 centimetres big, so they easily
fit in your pocket. The size however doesn’t reduce the playability; the fit is perfect.

Puzzle Master is a Canadian distributor of a large assortment of disentanglement puzzles, wood puzzles, cast puzzles, metal puzzles, wire puzzles, brain teasers, jigsaw puzzles, puzzle boxes, puzzle rings, trick puzzle locks, maze puzzles, puzzle games, boomerangs, chess sets, and other great toys, puzzles and games. The company started because of an interest the owner, Allan Stein, had in collecting wire puzzles. Allan collected these puzzles for a few years before he thought of making them himself. Once he found out that he was able to make the puzzles successfully he thought “Why don’t I try to sell some of the puzzles at craft shows and see if there are people who like them as much as I do”. At the craft shows he found that not only did the people like the puzzles, they loved them. These craft shows were the first way that Puzzle Master marketed these puzzles.

After selling at the craft shows for a few years, Allan decided to try and sell at some of the malls in Saskatoon. He rented a temporary location two weeks prior to Christmas and was totally amazed how quickly the puzzles sold. He subsequently ran out of the puzzles in 7 days. It was at that point that he realized that he had a business that was going to be viable. To this day we still have many businesses who sell at temporary locations a few weeks prior to Christmas.

In the beginning Allan made traditional puzzles that had been invented hundreds and even thousands of years ago. Now Allan is taking those traditional designs and adding his own unique touch.

Now Puzzle Master is the number one seller of puzzles online in the world.

Video transcription:

Welcome back to another product review
video by Puzzle Master. In this video,we will be looking at a
PeliKan puzzle called Math;the first in a four puzzle
series inspired by math.This one designed by Klaas Jan Damstra.Not sure if I'm pronouncing
that name right,but that's what we'll go with today.The first thing you'll notice on this
puzzle is we have this outer frame.Of course, right. Inside of
that frame we have a plus sign,a minus sign, and a zero.Your objective with this puzzle is to
get all of those pieces out of the frame,right? You can kind of see that there.
They're all sort of interlocking,right as I move one, the other
ones start to move, as well.Won't go too far or I'll
never get it back together.Your objective is to get
those pieces out of the frame,then get them back in. 19 moves to solve,
15 moves to figure out the first piece,followed by two. Two
moves to finish. Simple,right? Level seven. Level
seven on Puzzle Master'sdifficulty rating scale, which
runs from five to 10. Again,this is Math by Pelikan
designed by Klaas Jan Damstra. Get it.


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