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A.I. Dungeon 2 || Multiplayer || Ultimate Volition || Jet vs Soluxis || 005


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Hello everyone,

In this video:

This is part five of the Ultimate Volition, Jet vs Soluxis series!

Jet and Soluxis play Ultimate Volition using A.I. Dungeon 2 multiplayer!

Ultimate Volition is a game where each player possesses three powers: An offensive (deals damage), defensive (protects from taking damage), and special power (trump card)!

A battlefield is selected, both players battle to the death, and the winner gets to claim the grand prize!

Jet and Soluxis have decided to select random powers from Powerlisting Wikia for their characters.

This time Jet and Soluxis are kind of goofing around.

This episode is meant to be silly and has a lot of jokes.

Who will win?!

Tune in and find out!

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The title of this video is “A.I. Dungeon 2 || Multiplayer || Ultimate Volition || Jet vs Soluxis || 005”:

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Video transcription:


AI Dungeon,AI Dungeon 2,RPG,D&D,text adventure,role-playing game,Ultimate Volition,superpower,super power,superpowers,super powers,superhero,supervillain,death battle,deathbattle,death match,tournament

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