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48 Hidden Details in The Last of Us 2 (and Easter Eggs) – TLOU2

48 Incredible Details and Easter Eggs in the game The Last of Us Part II. This beautiful game has many amazing details that you need to stop and examine to appreciate it to the fullest. Video shows all the little details Naughty Dog put in the game that you may have missed unless you slow down and pause at the right moment. Included in this TLOU2 video are the following:
Taylor Brand Guitar with Moth Logo.
Writing on garage door near Ellie’s house.
Ellie’s PS4 console and Dualshock Controllers
Uncharted : Drakes Fortune game
Jak and Daxter Collection game
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves game
“SwordGate” DVD
“Brave Limit” Anime
Joel’s Guitar
Ellie’s Summer Clothes
Ellie’s 10 Pares of shoes
Changed by the Titans Comic
(3 different speech bubbles)
“Rebels of Fire: Divided we fall!” comic
Books on the topic of Space and Chess
Ellie can draw and paint
Robot Anime, Dinosaurs, Time travel
Binoculars and miniature arcade game
“Space Vehicles and the future of Space Travel” book
Many posters in Ellie’s home
Moth drawing (from guitar) drawn by Ellie
Many other drawings next to Ellie’s bed
Ellie pictures from an earlier age
Space movies collection
Shower is broken, that is why Ellie has messy hair
Ellie actually lives in a garage (garage door puller on ceiling)
Blooper of putting knife in pocket
Tower and wall guards guarding settlement
Pit hole felled street
Snow angels, Snowman, and Snow slides
Customers leaving notes on the bar
Daycare teaching from book “Flowers on the Farm”
“Mr. Tomato and Friends” book
VHS Movies and Cassette Music tapes
Ellie can ride the slide
The swings can swing
Sleeping bags before and after they are used
It is possible to fall off cliff
September 2013 is when the infection started (seen in calendar)
Snow flakes will cover up the game camera
Snow falls off pine trees
Eugene has same PS3 console and same games as Ellie
The infected took Abby’s hat when she was crawling next to fence
Clocks actually work in the game
Abby was actually looking at Joel, not the door

These and many more hidden details and Easter eggs are shown in this video from the PS4 Pro version of The Last of Us 2.

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