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See til the end for the WORLD RECORDS! SUBSCRIBE: Caleb as well as I are so ecstatic to be participating in The College Slam Dunk & 3-Point Championships on April 4, 2019 at the Target Center in Minneapolis, MN as well as bringing the TWO champions of the competition with us!

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Josh Horton is a gold champion in the globe champions of balancing. Josh was influenced by Dude Perfect, Brodie Smith, and also Legendary Shots to begin managing technique shots which promptly expanded his social media adhering to. This YouTube network concentrates on damaging or establishing Guinness World Records as well as enjoyable fights in between Josh, his better half Cassie Horton, and also his various other buddies!

network one more episode of globe recordWednesdays like 2 weeks ago this video clip
Make certain you head to my Instagram tosee the champions tonight however today we'' re.
Brooks it'' s gon na be great Caleb Feemstershe'' s gon na soak it -no yeah Caleb laboratory.
we wear'' t we put on ' t seem like dunkingtoday yeah we'' re taking a time off it'' s. hard so we ' re gon na be throwingalley-oop to these people it'' s mosting likely to be. these 2 on one group me as well as Chris onthe various other actually well I stated allow
' s go. simple very first one he stated this so this iseasy word we obtained this video game guaranteed.
Yeah is it gon na be on methat'' s their initial misconception they ' re gon na. obtain 3 I wish to claim that was all mebut me out just how great pass it was a passer.
Chris just how several exactly how lots of times to thinkone not also heated up yet he'' s simply.
of remarks just recently yeah this couldchange our entire network oh the means we.
do these video games however it'' s generally ifit'' s see you people do any kind of 3rd effort. If they if, we did our initial effort someonecommented this the follower stated.
a person jumps on the initial effort thenit need to switch over and also such as after that it would certainly.
be our transform the 2nd shot all right I thinkabout that I assume you people must do it.
I believe I'' m not attempting to transform thegame I review that remark whoever is.
concerning that I resembled that'' s afreaking excellent suggestion I actually like that.
suggestion yep do it your turn so it'' s ourturn yeah created something coolI'' m simply worried I '
m simply worn out. parched that ' s all yeah allow'' s getinstant replay of Caleb obtaining struck why.
just how do we require to see instantaneous replaysand return to me we currently we.
currently we currently saw it wasn'' t areverse yet we didn'' t we didn ' t phone call out. over there removed still nothinganother little beer a person requires to obtain.
an H yet we'' re gon na do a kick al youfrom half-courtWow.
there'' s no chance exactly how we can develop brothat was Lou in Surrey play absolutely nothing for.
usuh-huh I'' m gon na think we entered sauce.
for that Oh need to we take my face yeahall right so it'' s back to us fine
I ' m. gon na make a three-pointer he'' s gonnacatch you after the make and also authorize it.
back in yeah fine so I believe we'' re gonnawork smarter not harder.
excellent concept we understand you'' re a terrific twofoot jumper Christian you'' re respectable. you ' re not a terrific one foot jumper liketo rock so attempt what'' s 500 years oh it'' s. a Brisas box fine we need to leap frombeyond woollen the rhesus recognize you can do.
that as well as this is it this is straightforward forus.
all right alright allow'' s rest you knowI assume you may have Texas online.
that'' s fine job smarter not tougher kidokay so they are still shedding simply for.
the document however it is 8 potato heyRoz store I'' m capturing it over the.
backboard he'' s very first track for us it'' sback back to our turn I'' ll resemble. alternative 3 per linelet'' s do it alright backwardsyou'' re so close that 2nd one was so.
excellent I was right they virtually you knowwhat I'' m not truly terrified regarding their.
HOH Ohwe ' re simply gon na take that letter fine.
below we gofancy Lu I'' m gon na go off the side of. the backboard with the legs he'' s goodthat truly excellent that was the best.
miss I believe I'' ve ever before seenhe captured it and also it'' s like he neglected oh.
Currently is on me it'' s arrived what ' s thatbehind your ear below all appropriate Chris.
All right we obtained it we gotthat was difficult they obtain 3 shots.
it'' s difficult it ' s hard timing is a toughthrow due to the fact that however men there'' s a well. not actually for you yet to ride I thinkwe'' ve obtained a possibility for you to retrieve. on your own in this video clip hope soa win for him is a win for me that'' s. real to our group besides I saw that theyhad rebounders anyhow drives ready to.
effort to damage the present GuinnessWorld Record for the majority of dunks soon.
allow'' s do it ' s 16 as well as Canada you knowthe rebound yet every after every dunk.
you need to go back and also touch thefree-throw line allow'' s see if we can do
. itoh did that document was formerly held.
by Zeus of the Harlem Globetrotters andZeus naturally still has the authorities.
globe document yet perhaps following timeGuinness World Records pertains to community you.
obtained ta you obtained ta make it occur I'' m gonnabreak it I'' m so exhausted.
fine currently Chris is gon na attempt a worldrecord with Caleb the two-person globe.
document for the lengthiest alley-oopwe did from the contrary free-throw line.
in reverse so Caleb can possibly checkthem one from full-court below we gothank you a lot for enjoying every person.
make certain you listen to my Instagramtonight to see that'' s gon na be satisfying me.
as well as Caleb in Minneapolis for the collegeSlam occasion examine all of us out on Instagram.
web links remain in summary as well as we'' ll makethem all pop-up right below these individuals.
article insane dunks video clips all the timesaying.
Caleb article modeling pictures not evenashamed talking Instagram below our.
Instagram shoutouts for today one herecan you simply stand up in a measuring.
Possibility Instagram salad next following videos video clips Monday with this, screenshot follow us all on Instagramand come at the basketball emoji for a.
Saturdays to subscribe you have it thankyou men allow'' s most likely to be-what certainly.
yeah people we'' re attempting it Kayla 10k 10kby completion of the month can you make it.
occur we'' re resting at like 5 K as oftoday I put on'' t understand where ' s gon na get on. following week however it'' s time for me to dr.let'' s do it allow ' s most likely to the beachthis is impressive.


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See til the end for the WORLD RECORDS! Josh Horton is a gold champion in the globe champions of balancing. Make certain you head to my Instagram tosee the victors tonight however today we'' re. Chris exactly how several exactly how lots of times to thinkone not also heated up yet he'' s simply. HOH Ohwe ' re simply gon na take that letter alright.

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