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10 GTA 5 GLITCHES And CHEATS That Make The Game SO Much Better (Car Share Glitch + More)


Did we miss any other awesome GTA 5 Glitches? Which one is your favourite? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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Welcome back to The Gamer. Today, we are looking at Grand Theft Auto 5, but instead of looking at the normal gameplay, we’re going to be rounding up best glitches that make the game so much better to play.

We all know each game must have its own set of limitations and Rockstar is certainly no exception. From limitations on what you can sell and what you can carry to how your car performs, we bring you ways you can remove some of the game’s most annoyingly restrictive features.

It’s important to note that many of these tips involve some recurring requirements. One of these is being a CEO, so having $1,000,000 in cash can buy the cheapest office building and is the cheapest way to become a CEO. Additionally, you’ll need access to certain missions, which, of course, require certain objectives to be completed prior. You’ll want to do these.

If you enjoy driving around on the oppressor, or on any motorcycle for that matter, stick around because we have some must knows for you. If you enjoy making money easily, we have an awesome glitch using none other than the helicopter and soon you’ll be raining down cash. Of course, everyone likes to dress in style so we’ll be sure to show you how to get pretty much anything for free. And lastly, we saved the Holy Grail for those who make it to the end of the video. There’s only one glitch Grand Theft Auto fans truly crave, and we’ve cracked it for a limited time only. RockStar will patch this baby asap.

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